Monday, February 25, 2013

Today I learned...   ...a LOT!

I learned once again - but in a deeper and clearer way - that when you see clearly of your need to forsake your own ways (ways which harm yourself and others) and ask for the wisdom you need from God to walk in HIS ways, that he is a lavish and liberal giver of gifts...

I learned a little bit more of how HE sees me, which makes it a whole lot easier to love myself and to walk in a state of forgiveness toward "me" in just the same way as I do with those I love and care deeply for.  Though I'm broken, I'm loveable!  (Me and the Velveteen Rabbit.)

I experienced once again what matters most is what God thinks of me..  that He is the only one who can be depended upon to truly "get you" and the only one that should!

And I think that's quite enough for one day.

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