Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Today I ...  blew it.  On many levels. 

I failed to plan ahead and so my day started off with a lot of disorganized craziness which could have been avoided, I  suppose, by a bit of pre-planning over the weekend. 

I failed to watch the clock this morning and lingered too long over my emails and Facebook account and ended up leaving a half hour later than I should have in order to get my day off to a good start.

I failed to stay calm on the inside (to walk beside the still waters and into green pastures) and instead got frazzzzled.  And that meant the people around me got frazzled too. (I kind of snapped at someone to stop finishing my sentences for me - then spent just such a long time apologizing - what a waste of time!) 

I guess there were some successes too, but my day was so affected by the bad start I gave it that there was no real recovery all day.  Tonight I'm going to bed on time - early in fact, and I hope to start tomorrow off on a  much better footing - firstly by making sure I walk out of the house having first followed Jesus to the quiet waters and taken a deep drink.  I felt like that first few hours was a train wreck which pushed all the minutes into the next over the remainder of the day, just like a runaway engine would cause the cars ahead of it to crumple into the next if it ran into them full force - boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, all the way down the line, one after another...  However....

In another facet of my life, today was Fanny's birthday.  Her 75th.  More about that another time.  But I'm glad I was there.  And so was she.  We made plans to visit Simcoe 2 sometime soon.  That's what she really wanted for her birthday, she told me.  What a small thing.  And it's in my power to give.  So a trip to Simcoe 2 she shall have!  I go to bed grateful for a friend like Fanny who makes me forget all the pressure in my life.  That is certainly one of her best gifts to me.  She refuses to speed up to my crazy speed, so I forced to slow down if I want to experience "presence" with her.  What a gift she is...

Onward and upward! Tomorrow is another day.

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Belinda said...

Thank you for letting me know of another place to read what you have to say. It's always worth it. Knowing that it was Fanny's 75th birthday makes me feel sad that I missed it. As much as you are blessed by her; she is immeasurably blessed to have you in her life.